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Hello Business Owner!

If you are like me then you are really passionate about the hair extension industry! There is only one thing that I absolutely hate about the industry. FRAUD & CHARGEBACKS! Did you now that hair extensions is considered a “High Risk” transaction by credit card processors? Ever wonder why PayPal or other processors will hold a certain portion of your revenue? If your chargeback ratio to transactions is over 1% most processors will have to review your account and possibly cancel the business relationship. I am in business to build strong relationships with everyone I do business with. It becomes difficult when dishonest customers try and report a chargeback or someone scams you. 

Let’s come together and stop the fraud in the hair extension industry. Let’s help protect the consumer! Let’s protect the businesses we work so hard to build. By putting the scammers on blast we can come together and warn each other about a potential liability. The hair business is big enough for all of us!

Some of the traits I have noticed by people trying to scam our companies:

Fraudulent orders will most likely always be overnight shipping. They will use the cardholders billing address and then try and ship it to a house for sale or apartment not rented and then pick up the mail. They will call and see if the order has shipped yet to try and make it seem more legit. They will create a fake email address with the same name as the cardholder as part of the email. They will often use a Google Voice or other number harder to trace the location. Just a few tips!

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