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If you are a hair extension brand owner you probably know by know the pain of dealing with scammers and fraudulent transactions. This is a serious problem in the hair extension industry that needs to be STOPPED. As a hair brand owner I have personally dealt with chargebacks and every other scam people try to pull imaginable. It is time we join together and fight back. It is so great to be in this huge industry and dealing with fraudulent customers is the #1 issue. Let’s come together as business owners and start being smart and expose scammers.


Once you create an account you will be able to post in the message group. This is a searchable group so please use text to write about the transaction issues you have. This includes the name used by the scammer, phone number, email address and physical address. Often times scammers will send packages to houses that are “for sale” or “for rent” and pick them up during the day when nobody is watching.


As the database grows you can quickly search to see if someone else has experienced an issue with a customer. This will also help product the CONSUMER by exposing fraud and letting credit card companies know about the possible fraudulent transaction. As business owners we also have to do our best to also protect the consumers!


The chargeback process can be very costly. Here is the process below.

Chargeback Process


Another issue with the continual fraud in the hair extension industry is credit card processors will not want to do business with you. PayPal or Authorize will start holding a portion of your sales because we are now considered a “High Risk” industry. Credit card processors like Stripe and Shopify Payments will not even process transactions for hair extensions.


Let’s work together to get this amazing industry legit again.


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